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The purpose of separators, also called spacers, is to create a small space between the posterior or back teeth: bicuspids and molars. The separators make it easier and more comfortable for the patient when fitting bands at the next appointment.  Separators come in many colors, but this office uses the blue colored ones in two different sizes.



1.      Separators can cause tooth discomfort. This is normal as their job is to separate or push teeth apart. If needed, take an over-the-counter medication as directed for discomfort.

2.      Keep the areas clean by brushing well. Do not floss where the separators are, as this will pull them out.  DO NOT remove your separators.

3.      Avoid sticky, chewy foods, as these may pull the spacers out. ie: Gum, gummy bears, fruit roll-ups, licorice

4.      If your separators fall out more than 2 days prior to your appointment, call our office during regular business hours to have them replaced.

5.      If the separators come out during our “closed” office hours, it is not considered an emergency. Please call the office the next business day to check if replacements are needed.

6.      Any questions regarding your separators should be directed to the orthodontic staff.