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The Positioner is a removable, rubber intra-oral appliance much like a sports guard. It is used to make minor adjustments to your teeth, which completes your active orthodontic treatment. The Positioner is used for approximately 3-9 months, after which standard retainers are usually prescribed.

When the Positioner is first inserted, it will feel as if it doesn’t fit correctly. This is normal as the Positioner was fabricated to your final result at the end of wear and treatment. Active exercise with the appliance will move the teeth into the corrected position. Failure to wear and exercise with the Positioner can result in poorly aligned teeth and the possibility of further treatment in braces.


1.       To insert place Positioner on your upper teeth and push up to seat.

2.       Bite into the Positioner to seat your lower teeth.

3.       To remove simply open your mouth and remove.


1.       Initially the Positioner should be worn the 24hrs/day continuously the first 3 days. After the first 3 days the Positioner should be worn for 4hours-daytime and 8 hours nighttime for a total of 12 hours/day.

2.       The Positioner should not be worn for either of the following:

A.)     Eating- Keep it in the case provided. DO NOT wrap it in a napkin! There is a fee to replace lost appliances.

B.)     Swimming- Keep it in the case provided. There is a fee to replace lost appliances

3.       Active exercise with the Positioner should be for 10 minutes every 30 minutes of wear. Exercise consists of biting hard into the positioned and holding for 10 seconds then relaxing for 10 seconds. Longer exercise sessions will result in faster tooth movement.

4.       Patients occasionally experience tooth sensitivity while wearing the Positioner. Treat discomfort with over- the-counter pain medication. Sores may also develop from the plastic rubbing against gum tissue. Treat gum sores with warm salt water rinses (1tspn salt to 8oz of water) 3 times daily. If patient experiences severe pain, contact our office.

5.       Slurring speech is expected and is a necessary drawback to treatment.

6.       Simply having the Positioner rest in the mouth does not promote treatment. Patients will often notice that their “bite” feels different. This is normal and will end once treatment is complete. The patient will quickly get adapt to their new bite.

7.       Positioners should always be kept away from pets, dogs especially because they love to chew them. They should also be kept away from heat sources as this will dry, and distort the rubber.

8.       Keep your Positioner clean- Brush it as you would your teeth. You can also use a denture cleaner or soak it in white vinegar.

9.       If needed, the doctor may advise the use of fluoride with your Positioner. Follow directions as prescribed.

10.    ALWAYS bring the Positioner appliance to your check up appointments. The doctor needs to check the fit each time.

11.    Any questions regarding your appliance should be directed to the orthodontic staff.