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Congratulations on choosing Invisalign to create your smile!  Invisalign is different from conventional braces when it comes to patient wear and care. Like conventional braces you will end treatment with a beautiful smile when full patient cooperation is used.  Following the instructions is critical for successful treatment outcomes.  Lack of patient cooperation will keep you from reaching your full Invisalign results.

Wear Instructions:

  1. You will receive your initial sets of Aligners at your first appointment.  At the second appointment you will have attachments bonded to selected teeth along with new sets of Aligners.  Elastics may be started at this appointment to start bite correction.

  2. The Invisalign attachments are used to help facilitate movement of selected teeth. Each attachment shape has a special function in correcting your smile. If one of your attachments comes loose, please phone our office during regular office hours to have it re-bonded. DO NOT stop wearing your aligners.

  3. Your Invisalign Aligners must be worn full time-22 hours a day as directed by the doctor.  Do not reduce wearing time unless directed to do so.

  4. There are some Exceptions. When Aligners are not in your mouth keep them safe in your case.

    1. Eating foods- Your Aligners should NOT be in your mouth while eating. This could easily break the aligners.

    2. Drinking Liquids- With the exception of water, you should remove the aligners before drinking or try to use a straw. If you choose to keep Aligners in while drinking it is suggested to remove them afterwards to rinse and/or brush.

  5. You will change your Aligners every  week. Each Aligner and bag has a number, proceed to the next higher number. If you are unsure which aligner you have, look for the number marked.


  6. Chewies are an essential part of your treatment success. Chewies are white cylindrical shaped cushions used to fully seat your Invisalign Aligners. Chewies should be used 5 times a day for a few minutes each time. This will ensure your Aligners are fully seated.  A Chewie should also be kept in your case and every time your Aligners are removed, you should make a few passes with one to ensure they are fully seated. 

  7. Your aligners may feel snug when inserting, this is normal and will go away in a day or two. You can use any over-the-counter medications as directed to relieve the discomfort.

  8. If your Aligners are not seating fully, use the Chewies you were given to help seat them. If the aligners are still ill-fitting, phone during regular office hours, and continue wearing the previous set of Aligners.

  9. If an attachment or button comes off your tooth, please call our office. This is not an emergency, and should be replaced during our regular office hours. Continue to wear your Aligners. In the case of a button coming loose, stop your elastics on that side only until the button is replaced, then return to regular wear of elastics.

  10. If you notice a rough spot on your aligners, use an emery board to smooth the area. If a sore develops, use warm salt water rinses- 1tsp salt to 8oz of water for a few days to sooth the area.

  11. Sometimes elastics, rubber bands, are used during your Invisalign treatment. Elastics should be worn full-time when Aligners are in the mouth. Elastics should be changed 4 times a day,

    ie: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Bed time. If you think you are going to run out of your elastics, you may stop by during regular office hours and pick some up, or phone the office and they will be mailed out to you.

  12. ALWAYS store your Aligners in the cases provided when they are out of your mouth. Aligners placed into pockets, purses, backpacks will easily get lost or broken.

  13. NEVER wrap your Aligners in a napkin. Most Aligners are lost this way.

  14. Keep your Aligners away from pets, especially dogs. Dogs smell the proteins from saliva and will think they are a chew toy.

  15. Never store your Aligners near a heat source, in a hot car, or lying out in the sun. This will cause the plastic to soften and distort.

  16. Keep your Aligners clean! Brush them every time they are removed from your mouth. Aligners can accumulate plaque on them if not kept clean. Use a soft or child size toothbrush and non-abrasive tooth paste to clean them several times daily. You may also use Hydrogen peroxide to soak Aligners for 10 minutes a few times a week. Once a week you should use a cleaner found in many stores, or white vinegar to soak them for a deep clean. (Mix white vinegar using small dish-½ vinegar, ½ water, then soak the Aligners for 15 minutes. Brush with toothpaste to remove vinegar smell and taste).

  17. New Restorations: NEW Fillings, Crowns, Implants, Partials, Bridges may cause your aligners not to fit. Call our office to schedule an appointment a possible rescan to fabricate new aligners.


Any questions regarding Invisalign and their fit and use should be directed to the orthodontic staff.