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Congratulations! You have completed orthodontic treatment in our office. You have retainers which you will continue wearing to maintain your teeth in the corrected position. At this time you have successfully worn your retainers for the last two years and now will be graduated inactive treatment status. This means you no longer have to be seen on a regular basis, but will always be a patient of the practice if you have any future orthodontic needs. The following information is important in maintaining your beautiful new smile!

·         Remember your teeth moved during orthodontic treatment and continue to have the ability to move after treatment too, if retainers are not properly worn to maintain the corrected results.

·         NEVER stop wearing your retainers! You may gradually reduce the wearing time and intervals, as long as your retainers continue to fit PASSIVELY. If you notice your retainers are snug going in or your teeth are sore when removing them, you need to wear them more often.

·         Keep them safe and clean.  Retainers can last several years if they are properly cleaned and stored. If they are not in your mouth, the retainers must be cleaned prior to wrapping them in a damp paper towel and storing them.

·         Do not wait to return if your retainers become ill-fitting. The longer you wait there is lesser chances that we can adjust the retainers.

·         If you need to return in the future for a check-up or replacement of retainers, an office visit plus other applicable fees will apply.

Thank you from the Doctors Hilton and Diminick and our staff for entrusting us with your orthodontic needs. You will always be a patient to us. If you have any future orthodontic needs, please phone our office to schedule an appointment.