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Hayes Nance


The Hayes Nance appliance, (HNA), is a fixed, wire and acrylic appliance used as a retainer to hold space while the permanent teeth are still erupting.



1.      A patient should not experience tooth pain from a Hayes Nance appliance. This is a passive appliance holding space.

2.      Slurring speech is expected and is a necessary drawback to treatment, but will subside within a day or two.

3.      Keep your Hayes Nance appliance clean- Brush it as you would your teeth. Using a Water Pik to clean the acrylic button is helpful to flush foods and debris out. If bands or the appliance is not kept clean, inflammation and soreness can occur.

4.      If a sore of the gum tissue occurs, use warm salt water rinses (1tsp salt in 8oz water), 3 times daily for 1 week. Any severe irritations should be brought to our attention.

5.      If a band would come loose. Keep the area clean, and call our office during normal business hours to have the Hayes Nance appliance re-cemented.  There may be a fee to replace if the band is broken and a new Hayes Nance appliance is needed.

6.      Any questions regarding your HNA appliance should be directed to the orthodontic staff.



1.      Do not eat sticky, chewy, gummy foods. They are hard to clean off the HNA, and may cause a band to come loose.

2.      Do not eat hard and crunchy foods. These will cause the cement seal to be broken and the band(s) to loosen or break.

3.      Do not play with the HNA with your tongue as this could cause a sore to develop.

4.      Do not neglect your brushing! Bands and HNA acrylic button and wires must be kept clean to avoid inflamed gum tissue.