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Forsus is a fixed appliance used to gain additional bite correction. These springs are often used when the bite correction needed is more easily achieved with the Forsus, or when a patient has not been cooperative with elastic wear and more bite correction is needed to finish active orthodontic treatment.  Unlike elastics, the Forsus is not removable by the patient, but without the patient’s total cooperation, treatment cannot be finalized.



1.      Forsus are worn 24 hours a day. The duration of wearing your Forsus is usually 6 months with full cooperation.

2.      DO NOT rock your jaw back and forth while the Forsus are in as this will cause breakage.

3.      DO NOT play with the Forsus with your fingers or tongue, as this will cause breakage.

4.      DO NOT eat hard, crunchy, sticky, chewy foods. These will cause the Forsus or molar band to come loose.

5.      If a molar band or Forsus comes loose, phone our office for an appointment. Loose molar bands and Forsus can cause injury and prolong your orthodontic treatment.

6.      Even after the Forsus are removed, you may be required to wear elastics to get the final corrections needed.  Your cooperation will help finish your treatment.

7.      Any questions regarding your Forsus should be directed to the orthodontic staff.