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Elastics, also called rubber bands are the one aspect of treatment solely controlled and performed by the patient.  The purpose of elastics is to move the teeth and bite into proper alignment.  Without the patient’s total cooperation, treatment cannot be finalized.



1.       Elastics must be worn 24 hours a day. Infrequently wearing your elastics will prolong your treatment, and cause difficulties correcting your bite.

2.       The ONLY exception is, they may be removed if the patient needs to wear a mouth guard for contact sports.

3.       Elastics should be changed 4 times a day. A good rule is to change them at breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime. If your elastics break, replace them immediately.

4.       Eat with your elastics if possible. Eating exercises the jaw. If you are unable to eat with your elastics in, remove to eat, then immediately replace after eating.

5.       The doctor may change the size or way you wear your elastics as your bite changes. Wearing your elastics correctly is important to ensure bite correction.

6.       Don’t run out of your elastics. If you need elastics before your next appointment, call our office and they can be mailed out to you, or you can stop by our office during normal business hours to pick some up.

7.       Good elastic wear will keep your treatment on schedule. YOU alone control how long you remain in “braces” by your cooperation.

8.       Any questions regarding your elastics should be directed to the orthodontic staff.