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Carriere Distalizer




The Carriere Distalizer is a fixed appliance used in conjunction with a Lingual Holding Arch prior to the start of full braces or Invisalign in Class II bite correction cases. The Distalizer arms are bonded to the cuspid and first molar on both sides. The lingual holding arch is cemented to the lower first molars by fitted molar bands. Even though these are fixed appliances the patient will still be required to wear removable elastics to achieve bite correction needed during active orthodontic treatment.  Without the patient’s total cooperation, Class II bite correction cannot be achieved.



1.      The elastics are worn 24 hours a day. The duration of wearing your Carrier Distalizer is usually 6 months with full cooperation.

2.      The ONLY exception is, they may be removed if the patient needs to wear a mouth guard for contact sports.

3.      Elastics should be changed 4 times a day. A good rule is to change them at breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime. If your elastics break, replace them immediately.

4.      Eat with your elastics if possible. Eating exercises the jaw. If you are unable to eat with your elastics in, remove to eat, then immediately replace after eating.

5.      Don’t run out of your elastics. If you need elastics before your next appointment, call our office and they can be mailed out, or you can stop by our office during normal business hours to pick some up.

6.      DO NOT rock your Distalizer arms back and forth as this will cause breakage.

7.      DO NOT play with the Distalizer or Lingual Holding Arch with your fingers or tongue, as this will cause breakage.

8.      A patient should not experience tooth pain from a lingual holding arch. This is a passive appliance holding space.