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Bite Plate - Shell Plate


The bite plate (BP) and shell plate (SP) is essentially the same appliance with two separate functions.  A bite plate is used in conjunction with lower front bonds for a patient with a deep bite. This appliance prevents the patient from biting off the bonds.  The shell plate is an interim appliance which maintains the space created by other appliances such as expanders. The approximate wear duration of both appliances is 3-9 months.



·         Place Acrylic behind your front teeth and use your thumbs to push the appliance into the roof of your mouth


·         Use your tongue suction to pop the appliance down and remove. DO NOT FLIP YOUR APPLIANCE UP AND DOWN WHEN NOT REMOVING, AS THIS COULD CAUSE BREAKAGE. There is a fee to replace broken appliances.


Wear Instructions:

1.       Your appliances must be worn full time 24 hours a day. Do not reduce wearing time unless directed by the doctor. The bite plate MUST be worn during eating to prevent the patient from accidentally biting off the lower braces.

2.       There are some Exceptions. When BP/SP is not in your mouth keep them safe in your case.

a.       Swimming- Water can flush them out of the mouth if swallowed.

b.       Playing Contact Sports- Any sport that requires a fitted mouth guard, or results in bodily contact where your BP/SP can be knocked out your mouth.

3.       ALWAYS store your BP/SP in the cases provided when they are out of your mouth. Appliances placed into pockets, purses, backpacks will easily get lost or broken.

4.       Wrap BP/SP in a moist paper towel to prevent the acrylic from drying out. Make sure the appliance is clean before wrapping it. Do not reuse the same paper towel. Change it each time.

5.       NEVER wrap your BP/SP in a napkin. Most are lost this way.

6.       Keep your appliance away from pets, especially dogs. Dogs will think they are a chew toy.

7.       Never store your BP/SP near a heat source, in a hot car, or lying out in the sun. This will cause the acrylic to dry out and distort.

8.       There is a fee to replace lost, broken, distorted appliance that is a separate charge from your treatment fee.

9.       Keep your BP/SP clean! Brush it every time they are removed from your mouth. Appliances can accumulate plaque on them if not kept clean. Use your toothbrush and tooth paste to clean them daily. Once a week you can use retainer cleaner, found in many stores, or white vinegar to soak them for a deep clean. (Mix white vinegar: use a small butter dish-  ½ vinegar,  ½ water, soak for 15 minutes, then brush with toothpaste to remove vinegar smell and taste)

10.    Appliances often need adjusting to accommodate erupting teeth. Also sometimes sores can develop from the acrylic rubbing against gum tissues. If you need the appliance adjusted, phone our office during normal business hours to schedule an appointment.

11.    Any questions regarding the BP/SP should be directed to the orthodontic staff.